We were hosts of Bears vs Babies playtest party in Mexico

After submitting a video and tweeting about #PickMeBvB , we were chosen as hosts for the official BvB playtest party here in Mexico City.
The idea was to playtest the next game from the creators of Exploding Kittens called Bears vs Babies.

Aether Tower was present at the 2017 Global Game Jam

A Game Jam is an event in which people get together to make a game in just 48hrs. The Global Game Jam 2017 was in Jan 20th, and this year we had the chance to participate. We were able to make a boardgame in those 48hrs, together with designer Jaime Gonzalez, and it was a very great experience. Check out what we built here at GGJ17 main page.

Thank you for your Support!

Our campaign for Tricksters has just come to an end, but if you want to get along, stay tuned for the next steps.

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