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We are a boardgame design and developing team. Our main goal is to make new, cool boardgames, from all categories: casual, strategic, competitive, cooperative...
ther tower was born in January 2015, and since then we started to develop our first boardgame "Hero", which made it to kickstarter on July 2016. Later we made a boardgame of social awareness called "Genera un cambio (make a change)" And after that, the third boardgame "Tricksters" was born.
Most of the members from ther tower are actually residing in Mexico City, where the lives of all of them are connected.
We are a team who loves to hear the community, implementig all the great ideas wherever we can. Be sure to check out our Twitter, Kickstarter and Facebook pages to follow us along! It's always a pleasure to meet new people interested in this beautiful art called Boardgaming. .


Juan Ramos: Since he was a kid, Juan was always interested in boardgames. He likes to transform conventional games into more complex and strategic challenges. He has successfully invented a lot of games, from conventional 52-card deck sets of rulings, to interesting personal projects. His passion for playing and designing have taken him this far. He is the structured one when it comes to rules and strategy.
William Burgos: Having the ability to adapt to anything, William strives to find solutions for any challenge. The commitment he shows in everything he does is what makes everyone by his side feel professional. He has always believed that having the courage to follow your dreams, is the key to create great things. Being the artist of the team, he previsualizes the true form that the ideas will take into the world in a visual, auditive and musical way.
Carlos Thomas: Creativity is Carlos's best asset. He has enough cleverness to maintain a full fantasy illusion through a whole day. The reading and culture he has, lets him go beyond the normal limits of improvising. And of course, his wit to make people laugh is limitless. He adds the fun and fresh ideas to the development.

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